Bitdefender Total Security Pro + Activation Key Download

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Bitdefender Total Security Pro + Activation Key Download

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security Pro provides complete multi-device cyber protection for all of the devices in your home, including tablets, Mac computers, desktops, laptops, and mobile phones, with only a single license.


Bitdefender Total Security Pro is an antivirus program that can shield your Android smartphone from malware and other external as well as internal threats. It can detect dangers and protect your privacy to keep the system running quickly.
To put it simply, it performs a multitude of roles and traits. It may quickly optimize the system and filter out threats to keep it safe. Not only can it serve as an antivirus, but it may also prevent unnecessary calls and protect your privacy. With a VPN, your online activity is secure and confidential. It can protect you from identity theft and the selling of your phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, usernames, and account information to unaffiliated parties. It is best to defend your computers against unidentified dangers and assaults.

Important key features.

  •   Bitdefender Cerebro Scan Engine.

AI allows Bitdefender Total Security to identify potential risks in addition to those that are already present. It can keep hackers out of your browsing and search history. You can access all the information you want to view but can’t access at your current location by changing your location.

  •    Antivirus and Anti-Spyware.

The “always on” feature of Bitdefender Total Security helps protect your computer from dangerous programs and all kinds of malware. All the apps and programs that are harmful to the system’s health can be identified by it.

  •    System Optimizer

This software can control all running processes and their priority check. If some processes are not running properly and are not necessary, it can remove all and enhance the speed of your system.

  •    Parental Control

Parents can easily control their kids’ devices using online apps or games stuff by changing easy settings in this app’s system.

  •    Online Transaction Security.

In this era of AI, everyone is putting and sharing data online via different sources. Everyone wants data must be kept private so no one can steal it, regarding this sensitive problem. It is best for you. It can protect your username, password, bank account details, and related stuff.

  •    App Locker

This has the option to lock selective apps from any unknown approach. You can create passwords to protect your data from unrelated people.

  • Zero-day Protection.

It has high-quality detecting technology to protect user’s data and identity from leaking.

Bitdefender Total Security


  • Entire Security: It provides free, efficient malware protection, guaranteeing the safety of your computer.
  • Lightweight and Effective: You may work without interruption as the software runs in the background with little effect on system performance.
  • Real-time Scanning: This function keeps an eye on your system in real time and defends it from threats by being proactive.
  • User-friendly layout: Even for novices, navigating and using it is a breeze thanks to its straightforward and intuitive layout.
  • Automatic Updates: To keep you safe from the most recent attacks, the program automatically updates its definitions of viruses.


  • Limited Features: The app’s free edition is devoid of certain sophisticated features that are available in the paid versions, like parental controls and a firewall.

How to install it?

  1. First, we must download the installation setup file.

Run installer:

  1. Double-click on the setup file to carry on.
  2. The process starts now.
  3. Disconnect the internet connection.
  4. It will take a while to complete.
  5. Bitdefender Total Security is now ready to use.
  6. Enjoy.

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security Pro + Activation Key Download

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