Commview 7.0 build 796 free download

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Commview 7.0 build 796 free download.



CommView 7.0 build 796 is a part of software/ tool that can control network connection and maintain the flow of data packets. It is important for administrators and data handlers. it was released in 2007.


CommView monitors all the aspects related to network connections. It was  Ethernet services but is now available for Wi-Fi users also. It contains the bandwidth and flow of allowed data and can easily observe extra and unidentified users and access data used by these users. CommView 7.0 build 796 is helpful for security administrators to ensure the internet connection’s usability well. Every packet on the wire is captured by this application, which then displays crucial data, vital statistics, protocol distribution charts, and a list of all the packets and network connections. Examining, saving, filtering, importing, exporting, and viewing protocol decodes down to the lowest layer with comprehensive analysis of more than 100 supported protocols are all possible. CommView can assist you in identifying network issues and troubleshooting hardware and software with the use of this information.

Key features. 

  • Commview 7.0 build 796 Control network traffic.
  •  Analyze bandwidth. 
  •  Providing better connection.
  •  Make sure to communicate different IP addresses with the help of defined protocols.
  •  Handle connection activity.
  •  Allocates the resources immediately to ensure a smooth connection.
  •  Has a powerful analyzer.
  •  Protect user’s data from tracking.
  •  Real-time availability of network with parallel path.
  •  Easy and understandable interface.
  •  It has an alert option to diagnose suspicious data users.
  •  Ability to diagnose and solve these issues quickly.
  •  Control security threats.


System Requirements.

  •  Need windows 7, 8, 8.1, and above
  •  It requires 8 GB RAM
  •  System should have 2GB of disk space
  •  Internet connection.
  •  Processor must be i5 or higher.

How to install?

 Download the installer.

  1.  Click on the button “Download setup file.”
  2.  Save the file to location in your System
  3.  Run the installer.
  4.  Double-click on the setup file.
  5.  Read the license and click on “next” again.
  6.  Click next to “continue.”
  7. Select where you want to create a desktop icon and click “next.”
  8. Click “install.”
  9. It is ready to use.


CommView 7.0 build 796 free download

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