DU Meter Pro 8.05 Build 4838 + Crack Free Download.

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DU Meter Pro 8.05 Build 4838 + Crack Free Download.

DU Meter

DU Meter 8.05 Build 4838 is an element of software that can show all the calculations and information related to the internet usage of your computer. It can work automatically. It can show all data by numbering as well as graphically. How much have you utilized the internet, and what could be the charges after a specific time? You can easily see all information on a single screen with a DU Meter. You can also set an internet usage limit. If anyone is acceding your limit, you will get a notification automatically.

All about DU Meter.

This software can provide bandwidth that is flowing on your system. Users can use the internet according to the given information. It can create reports that are shared with other systems. Users can analyze the total usage of the internet. DU can send notifications and alerts in any dangerous situation. It has a very easy and smooth interface. This can set and adjust itself in the window taskbar to make usage comfortable. It can generate a total traffic volume report monthly or at any instant. This software uses regular and limited window sources, preventing the computers from being slow. It is also helpful for managing many systems on a single device holding an internet connection. You can easily control and collect it at your side. If anyone wants to connect to your internet connection, you have to get your permission via password.

Important key features.

  • DU Meter is your internet usage monitor tool.
  • Display numerical as well as graphical interface reports.
  • It can send a notification if anything is going out of the limit.
  • Alert option in any dangerous situation.
  • Use a limited window source.
  • Set in the taskbar easily.
  • Manageable from a single system.
  • Show total speed and bandwidth on screen.
  • Create a password to secure from external connectivity.
  • Network data and transfer cost report.
  • All types of charges will be shown.
  • No extra or hidden charges.
  • Set limited usage of the internet.
  • Only unlimited use if you set specific data usability.

DU Meter

System Specification.

  • DU needs Windows 7 or above.
  • RAM: minimum 2GB
  • Disk space must be 4GB or above.
  • Internet connection.
  • Resolution: minimum 1024*768.
  • An Advanced graphic card is required for better results.

How to download and install?

  1. First, download DU Meter 8.05 Build 4838 from a verified platform.
  2. Choose a license or free trial option.

Run installer

  1. Click on the button “Continue“.
  2. We will accept all terms and conditions
  3. Click the button “installation,” and we have to select the installation location
  4. Press the button “install.”
  5. It will take a few seconds to complete the installation.
  6. Your software is ready to use.

DU Meter

DU Meter Pro 8.05 Build 4838 + Crack Free Download.

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